Sunday, August 13, 2017

8:25 p.m.
OMG, I got a free six-month Netflix subscription from Globe worth P2,760! I don’t know what I did to deserve this. (Did they read my post yesterday? Lol.) I also did not realize how the measly monthly fee can accumulate this much. (I should really stop buying Starbucks.)


Had another talk with Ma earlier wherein she made it clearer this time—in case it went over my head, though she wasn’t exactly being subtle the last time, lol—that we should start thinking about getting a memorial plan for Pa. We actually began talking to a sales officer last year and got tons of information, though none that suited our needs in terms of location and services. (Our option at that point was to go with two different funeral companies, but which would have been more expensive.) So we got into a deadlock amongst ourselves and never got around to finalizing our decision. Now it looks like we need to resume making plans.

I cannot believe how matter-of-factly I am being about this entry.

There was news I read last month about a P10,000 hike in the funeral benefits of workers for a total amount of P30,000. I have no idea how far (or deep, lol) P30,000 will get you but let’s just say I have ordered sympathy flowers for P5,000 (charged to the company account; I’d personally rather give money) or about 17 percent of the said benefit. I’ve often wondered about how the poor can afford to bury their dead (as much as I wonder how they can afford to have children), when I’ve heard of basic memorial plots in nondescript cemeteries in the city costing P100,000 at least. So it makes me so angry to know that the Catholic Church forbids urns being kept in family homes. (With the Church, you know it’s not a suggestion.) It has to be at “an approved sacred place,” where we could charge you exorbitant prices, it might as well say. But the Church certainly doesn’t find it hard to say no to a house blessing where there’s food and the expected slip of an envelope.

All this reminds me of the many times when as I child, the elders would say that when they die, they’d rather be rolled up in a straw mat and thrown into the river (ibalot sa banig at itapon sa ilog). It sounded so grotesque that I would furrow my brows and look at them with such repugnance. Now I get it.


4 thoughts on “Sunday, August 13, 2017

  1. davanita says:

    (na excite ako sumagot kanina so here’s part 2 of my comment)

    i’ve made my sister (because my mother refuses) swear to just have my body donated to a medical school when i die. sobrang hassle and magastos pa if i-cremate/bury. they can have a funeral/ceremony but just dispose of my body.


    • Jason says:

      The Netflix promo is for Plan 999 and up users pala.

      Wala pa ko sa point na yan (med school donation), haha. Cremation yata is about P30k–burials are more expensive because of the coffin and memorial plot.


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